Today, my company launched a sweet little service that lets anyone post anonymously in the Twitterverse. This service has two flavors: the angelic, heavenly Tweet From Above; and the demonic, hell-raising Tweet From Below. Use either or both as necessary.

Tweet From Above / Tweet From Below

Of course, with the core Twitter community being a bunch of oft-tweeting, self-aggrandizing megalomaniacs, you might ask: What’s the purpose of tweeting anonymously?

Well, that’s one reason right there, isn’t it? To play muse to those overbearing oversharers on Twitter without alienating them or clogging your own Twitter feed with personal @replies?

Using our service, you can have “a little bird” tell anyone anything. Just mention any user by @name in your anonymous tweet, and they’re sure to see it!

The inspiration for this service was a direct need, and that wasn’t just the need for anonymity: Sometimes you want to have a more conversational exchange on Twitter without your comments being broadcast to your followers. After all the talk about Twitter etiquette and the most annoying Twitterers, it’s time for folks to use our service (or others like it) to make the Twitterverse a more hospitable environment for all.

In any case, I’d love to hear your feedback, anonymous or not, so please feel free to leave a comment here or click the TFA/TFB badge on this page to have a little bird tell me. That’s right, we’ve created a TFA/TFB badge program to help Twitterers solicit anonymous feedback:

Send Anonymous Feedback via Tweet From Above / Tweet From Below

Tweet From Above</area>Tweet From Below</area>

Now, get yours here.