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November 20, 2009 (@3:59 pm)

WSJ Kindle Edition’s Bad Paperboy

I suffered my first misdelivered Kindle newspaper yesterday. I’m not complaining, really — I’m the last person to expect 100% performance from a brand new distribution system. But I did briefly long for the days of paperboys when I saw this:

Kindle News Misdelivered

August 7, 2009 (@2:23 pm)

Finding: Job Elimination Is More Newsworthy than Job Growth

With the announcement of today’s “jobs numbers” I thought I should publish some data I collected on how the mass media covers this ritual monthly release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ “Employment Situation” report, one of the most regular and widely consumed sources of information about U.S. jobs.

A couple potentially interesting findings are:

August 3, 2009 (@5:45 pm)

A Call for Writers to Renovate the Web

I recently joined Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer for his series of sessions at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism designed to instigate entrepreneurs among the current class of journalists who, mind you, have scant job prospects in traditional media. For one of the sessions, Lerer invited viral marketing whiz and founder of BuzzFeed Jonah Peretti to discuss growth models for Web start-ups.

Lerer and Peretti, both successful media entrepreneurs, agreed that there are two possible models: