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October 28, 2009 (@8:51 am)

Healthcare Solution: Insurance Company Says Peel Fresh Citrus

When a robot from Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (HBCBS) left my wife a message Monday, I was provoked first by the cheerful, familiar voice inflection in the greeting:

It’s the second call from the health insurance company in a week, so perhaps a familiar tone is warranted.

August 12, 2009 (@10:11 am)

A Little Trick to Expose More User Data on LinkedIn

Given the enthusiasm with which yesterday’s absurd Onion headline about Internet privacy was circulated, I decided to publish this slightly devious, slightly concerning, slightly useful little trick for circumventing the privacy constraints on LinkedIn’s search utility. In this post, I describe a technique that exposes additional user data about people outside your network whom you find via LinkedIn Search.